Welcome to the Namsen River area!

Namsen was coined The Queen of Rivers over a century ago by sportsfishermen who arrived here from the British Isles and Europe and with good reason.

1300197624-crop The Namsen is famous for its big salmon, with fish weighing more than 20 kg being caught on it every year. Fishing by boat – known as harling – is customary, and both the boats and fishing methods used are very traditional. The fisherman can have several rods out at the same time while his private oarsman takes the boat downstream, steering from side to side of the river.

The lower reaches of the river are relatively wide. Harling is most usual there, but many people also fish from the bank. The upper reaches are narrower and faster flowing. Fishing from the bank is custo-mary here, and there is a growing trend towards fly fishing from the bank in the river system. In the case of harling it is customary to use wobblers, spoon baits and the odd fly, whereas flies, spoon baits and worms are used for fishing from the bank.

There are several smaller rivers entering The Namsen River, and these offer a variety of possibilites for fishing salmon from boat or from the bank. In addition to these, there are also a number of smaller rivers with large stocks of smaller salmon emtying into the Namsen Fjord. Some of these are just perfect for fly fishing. Please follow this link to find more detailed information about the the different rivers.

There is a large number of providers that offers fishing licences, accomodation, guiding, equipment etc. Please follow this link to for more information about the providers.